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x for any object of function
unlimited absorber uknow
absorb not adsorb
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Credit to @Sunshine周覓 / @SunshineZhouMi
Photos by @kokoro9kyu

130115 tp dia girang abis klo ama tmn membernya pas prepare sblm perf. bocah introvert, jadi lah kakak kepo sejak inih

130115 GDA. pas ngambil award ni anak jaim bgt, ga dadah2 kyk woohyun yg sebelahnya ga brenti2 dadah

130115 GDA - my first time seeing myung’s perf live. yg dulu ga tau ini namanya myungsoo. ketuker ama sungjong, as angie blg myungsoo tuh yg ganteng kyk SPG en sungjong was literally bling bling ganteng bgt www

heergasm:Hi, may I ask if you have this picture (from 130309 Music Bank in Jakarta) in high quality ? -> twitpic(.)com/ca2iwm I hope you do, I would like to see it ;~;

yes i do. ill edit it when i have time soon, drop me your email ill give u bigger size photo ^^

from omma via and me ^0^)/
myung, i wish im there to see encore T_T

thanks sher unnie for the pic


130901 Jakarta airport © saltzmori 
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cold myungyeol T.T

for sulky @nappeun203 kkk

Anonymous:hi *,* what dslr r u using?

canon ^^

Anonymous:kak mau tanya dong itu nyembunyiin kamera DSLR biar engga ketauan sekuriti konser begimana? mohon balas tengkyuu :DD

bisa masukin di tas ampe ga keliatan kkk

from mubank. currently enjoying WGM and i feel like editing taemin XD

131005 One Great Step in Singapore - Request (MS focus)
© kokoro9kyu | do not edit/reupload.

131005 One Great Step in Singapore - Singapura (MS focus)
© kokoro9kyu | do not edit/reupload.

Here he was vr smiley and bubblyyy

131019 One Great Step in Malaysia - Rasa Sayange (MS focus)
© kokoro9kyu | do not edit/reupload.

I think he was abit less cheerful than sg